Artists / Researchers

Ana Cristina Mendes

Ana Cristina Mendes is an artist working on the boarder at different artistic languages, including performance, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture and video.

Anton Roland Laub

Anton Laub is a romanian photographer based in Berlin.

Daniel Schäfer

Daniel Schäfer works as photographer producing artistic projects and publications, especially for the architecture and fashion sector. 

Janin Walter

Janin Walter is an architect and artist working especially in the context of art in public space and research of new strategies for urban development.

Juliana Piquero

Juliana Piquero is a performing arts practitioner engaged with choreographic/ kinectic research, social issues and the intertwining of other artistic languages and professional field. 

Michaela Muchina

Michaela Muchina works as stage- and costume designer, scenographer for theater, dance, film and opera.

Paula Marie Hildebrandt

Paula Marie Hildebrandt is an artist, political scientist, experimental researcher and writer. 

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