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The next edition of the Body Mapping Lab investigates how we can generate a lived, authentic and immediate experience that enhances our perception and awareness of not only the body, but also of the environment. Therefore, we want to explore the notions of «site specificity», «embodiment» and «performativity» by applying different methodologies and ways of doing research with, through and within the body. The 10-day Residency Program consists of: 

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Residency "Casa Floresta", Sao Paulo, March 2017

Last month I took part of an inspiring residency in São Paulo called "CASA FLORESTA" from Ponte Cultura e.V.. This residency was the first part of a collective exhibition project which will be presented in September at the AEG Art Factories in Nuremberg. 

But now I'm back in Berlin to launch the Call for Participation of the next Body Mapping Lab which will also happen in September. The registration for it will be open soon under the website

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Conversas Berlin / New York

After an inspiring stay in New York, where I was glad to take part at the Conference Anywhere and Elsewhere - Art at the outermost limits of Location-Specificity, curated by Sean Lowry and Simone Douglas at The New School Parsons, I would like to announce my last activity this year as a speaker at the project Conversas Berlin on the 30th of November at 20h.

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Conference Urban Appropriation Strategies

Body Mapping Lab Teufelsberg

I am happy to announce that I was invited to speak about the Body Mapping Lab Research Project at the Conference Urban Appropriation Strategies. 

When: 04th of November 

Where: Universitätsplatz 9, 34127 Kassel

For more informations:


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BM Lab Teufelsberg 'Public Events' + Conference Kassel

Photo by Nathalie Fari

If you are interested in taking part at one of our 'public events' from the Body Mapping Lab Program at Teufelsberg, here follows the informations:

1. 07.09.2016 / 18h- 20h 
5 Rhythms Body Waves Class with Oliver Euchner at the Main Tower/ Graffiti Museum 
(on donation basis) 

2. 10.09.2016 / 18h - 20h / Day of the Open Monument Berlin
Performance + Artist Talk with the Lab Participants    

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Berlin Art link / BM Teufelsberg

Here follows the link of the Open Call for the Body Mapping Lab at the Teufelsberg created by BERLIN ART LINK:

Thanks for the support and we are looking forward to gather a fanstastic group for this Lab!


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BODY MAPPING LAB / Teufelsberg

I am really glad to announce the next BODY MAPPING LAB which will happen in collaboration with the author and media theorist Rafael Dernbach at the historical site Teufelsberg in Berlin from 03th to 10th of September. Here follows the press release:   

1 year 4 months ago

New activities

After taking part at the first and great winter session of the NSU Study Circle 7 Practicing Communities in Riga, Latvia, I'm in a process of developing the next activities which will furthermore concentrate on the concept and method of Body Mapping. The following activities are in working progress:  

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Device for this year

"Doing less also speaks of a specific attitude on the part of the artist worker, who needs to withstand the cretive speculations about his or her life in order to open up the temporal materiality of his or her own work. In this way, the artist's work yields to life, not in the sense of breaking the boundaries between life and artistic activity but always in the sense of placing its activity as the aunonoums difference of a lesser act: it is enabling life trough doing less.

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BM Centro Cultural Barco & IFK Berlin

Body Mapping - Diskurs Festival 15

I'm enthusiastic to announce the next Body Mapping Workshop which will happen from the 25th to the 28th of November at the Centro Cultural Barco in São Paulo. Here follows the link for more informations and for the application:                                                                                          

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