Performance Workshop Series

Photo: Roland Anton Laub, Performance The Window by Juliana Piquero, Berlin, June 2008

In this performance workshops series, which was sponsored by the Kunsthochschule Weissensee Berlin, the participants (a total of 20 students from art schools in Berlin, as well as professional dancers and actors) could explore three different performative approaches and ways of working with the body. 

The first workshop by BBB Johannes Deimling & Angelika Fojtuch focused on a script work: sketching scenes and images that emerge especially from the overlapping and simultaneity of actions. Another element explored the phenomenon of interaction by spending one of the afternoon’s trying to grasp the participants personalities: each of the participants looked for a long time into the eyes of another one by taking notes of everything what he/she could see or feel. The second workshop by Ricardo de Paula dealt with the „Get Physical“ training by performing different movements and steps that were mostly concerned with falling. The final workshop by Nathalie Fari investigated the inner parts and layers of the body by working with the concept of „zero point“, which means in summary: to prepare the body (and mind) to experience a form of emptiness and creative state. This process gave rise to site related performances that were presented on the final day in the backyard and building of the K77 Studio in Berlin by some of the participants. 

Photos by Roland Anton Laub 

2008/ May & June

K77 Studio, Berlin, GE 


Elisa A. / Andrés Galeano / Jennie Kaerger / Michaela Muchina / Simone Donha Silva / Juliana Piquero / Sandra Wieser among others.