BODY MAPPING LAB / Teufelsberg

I am really glad to announce the next BODY MAPPING LAB which will happen in collaboration with the author and media theorist Rafael Dernbach at the historical site Teufelsberg in Berlin from 03th to 10th of September. Here follows the press release:   

Without a doubt, the Teufelsberg (Devil Mountain) has become a contested magnet for Berlin’s recent tourism hype. The abandoned radar station, the unique view from the highest place in Berlin and the traces of a whole generation of street artists are but a few of the reasons for this attraction. At the Teufelsberg alternative Berlin seems even more alternative and has kept its occult side. However, most visitors are unaware of the singular history of the place. Not only, has the Teufelsberg been a radar station in Cold War, it is also a result from WWII as it mainly consists of debris from the bombing of Berlin. While the mountain after the fall of the wall saw a row of failed and unfinished development initiatives, it also became a place for experiments in alternative living practices. Not just the tourists, but also all kinds of artists are looking for old and new utopias.

After an invitation by the artist and journalist Richard Rabensaat, the founder of the “Project Space Teufelsberg”, Nathalie Fari brings now her workshop format BODY MAPPING LAB to Teufelsberg. At the core of the format that she is running since 2010 in different constellations stands the question how body and spaces relate to each other. In her workshops space is not only framed as a stage for action, but to the opposite, space itself is enacted. How can bodies and spaces inscribe themselves into each other? How can a space become a medium or an agent for stories and histories? And what positions does an embodied story or history take towards written history?

Regarding these issues of translation, Nathalie Fari has invited the author and media theorist Rafael Dernbach for collaboration. Together they are curating an expedition that starts and ends each day at the S-Bahnhof Grunewald (with one night spent at the Teufelsberg). During the sessions at Teufelsberg the site is used for different writing workshops and embodied exercises. The results from the workshops are assembled into a dramaturgy that will be enacted in a group performance at Teufelsberg on the last day.

This call is directed to everybody, who would like to experience their body in relation to a new space and that are interested in the concept of Site Specific Performance. Furthermore, everybody who would like to explore the Teufelsberg from a new perspective is invited. 


How to apply: 

Please send us a short bio, along with a short letter about why you would like to participate in the Body Mapping Lab: What are your expectations, ideas, interests and questions, and what possible practices and experiments you would like to try out or share during the Lab? 

Application Deadline: 03th August 2016 

Please send your application to Nathalie Fari: 

Participation Costs: 

320,00 € / 15,00 % Discount for payment until the 03.08.2016 

120,00 € / 2 selected grants for students or researchers

The participants are responsible for their own travel. But in case they need an official letter of invitation to support travel grants, atelier obra viva can provide one. We can also help in finding an accommodation in Berlin. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016 - 20:00