Body Mapping Lab / Teufelsberg

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Main focus of the Body Mapping Lab is to promote performance laboratories that investigate the notions of site specificity, embodiment and performativity. In this case, the legendary Teufelsberg (EN: Devil Mountain), a former survellaince station of the americans during Cold War, serves as a site to explore, engross and broaden these notions. Furthermore, the long and complex history of Teufelsberg (or the highest mountain made of rubble in Berlin), is seen as a starting point to ascertain of how the history of a place can be embodied and translated into a performative language.

One of the main methodologies for doing this, is based on the idea of using the body as translator by creating different cartographies, maps or narratives. In doing so, the space is not only framed as a stage for action, but to the opposite, space itself is enacted. How can bodies and spaces inscribe themselves into each other? How can a space (or body) become a medium for stories and histories? are some of the questions. 

Regarding these issues, Nathalie Fari carried out in collaboration with the author and media theorist Rafael Dernbach, the first edition of the project by focusing on the procedure and theme of a performative expedition. During eight days, a group of artists from different backgrounds met every day at S-Bahn Grunewald to walk up together to Teufelsberg and to join a program which was divided into four areas: 

  • Walking Session / exploration of the walks from S-Bahn Grunewald to Teufelsberg 
  • Writing Exercises / documentation of the process and analysis of the place 
  • Body Work / practice of different body techniques and creation of the final group performance 
  • Community Work / engagement with the community of Teufelsberg by including activities from guests (Five Rhythm's Class and Guided Tour) and by creating a joint experience. 

The results from all these areas, were assembled into a SCRIPT which was presented on the last day of the Lab, in the context of the Tag des Offenen Denkmals (Day of the Open Memorial) and in cooperation with the platform Theaterscoutings Berlin


2016/ Sept - on going

Idea, Concept: Nathalie Fari in Collaboration with Rafael Dernbach // Project Assistance: Petterson Costa // Lab Participants: Anna Semenova, Erika Schwarz, Alexandra Lucas, Julia Salem, Juliana Gennari and Hunter Lee Daniel // Special Guests: Oliver Euchner and Richard Rabensaat // Photography: A. R. Laub, Juliana Gennari, Luciana, Abel Arcuri, Why Alix 

Supported by: Artconnect, Berlin Art Link, Theaterscoutings Berlin, Teufelsberg e.V.