Conversas Berlin / New York

After an inspiring stay in New York, where I was glad to take part at the Conference Anywhere and Elsewhere - Art at the outermost limits of Location-Specificity, curated by Sean Lowry and Simone Douglas at The New School Parsons, I would like to announce my last activity this year as a speaker at the project Conversas Berlin on the 30th of November at 20h.

After this speech, I will have a short break to recover from all the amazing and intense activities of this year. But in 2017, there are many interesting things to happen! Meanwhile, I would to end this news by quoting a phrase from one of the presentations (Re-Sited) of the Conference in New York:

"Today we find ourselves in a space - whether virtual, psychological or physical - where disciplines such as visual arts, architecture, performance, technology, philosophy, science and methematics, are dissoliving into a unified singular classification, whereby perhaps the concept of "interdisciplinary aesthetics" is the experience of a "situation" placed in space." 

Sunday, November 27, 2016 - 16:45