DIE ENTSETZTE LAGE (the unsettled situation)

Starting point of this serial performance project, is a text from the media theorist and philosopher Vilém Flusser called "Die Entsetzte Lage" (EN: the unsettled situation) which describes in an associative and absurd way, the different emotional, physical and geographical states of being foreign, displaced or metaphorically speaking, «rootless». What happens when we literally «loose the ground»? When we are forced to move elsewhere and thus adapt to a new reality? And what does it mean to be «rootless», in times where nomadic life forms have become a global tendency, either on a voluntary basis or due to political and economical crises? 

In DIE ENTSETZTE LAGE (EN: the unsettled situation), these questions serve as a framework to elaborate a dramaturgy based on the notion of «performance as exercise». Therefore, the artist establishes a performative space in which she demonstrates and performs together with some participants of the audience, the different states and stages of being «rootless». Doing this, the main emphasis lies on of embodying a «rootless plant» which according to one of Flusser’s sentences means: «Rooted, sitting people are weeds lacking in experience. In order to be a person in the fullest sense of the word, one has to be unsettled.» 

The first enactment of Vilém Flusser's text was in the context of the Master of Arts Program «Space Strategies» in 2008. In 2014, the artist started to develop new editions of the performance. Firstly in the context of the project Transnationality and Transliguality by Dovrat Meron, secondly at the PERFOR 6 Performance Art Festival and Centro Cultural Barco in São Paulo and in 2017, in the context of the exhibition «TERRITORIEN» from Ponte Cultura e.V


2008/ May - 2017/ September

Idea, Performance and Concept: Nathalie Fari // Photography: Chris Von Ameln, Sohar Villegas