made in omnitopia

Starting point for the performance as research project made in omnitopia is the concept of Omnitopia originally coined by the American scholar Andrew Wood.

The term is a mix between ‚utopia‘ (not-place) and ‚heterotopia‘ (other-place) – Omnitopia does not reside elsewhere, but everywhere. You have to experience it - as it happens, as it merely is. Omnitopia can best be described as a kind of embodied performance, always in the present tense. This idea provided a theoretical and practical framework for the performance research project tracing the contours of omnitopia in today's cities. Where does public life in the sense of meaningful human interaction happen or could have happened?

By investigating our own attitudes, the conditions of social behavior and codes of communication in different locales we turn them into a posture. Beach, cash, comfort, cocktail, deposit, fitness, rest, souvenir, sushi, taxi, tube or wifi – we developed a series of 12 postures which document in our roles as Sara and Paloma the process through which different places become Omnitopia. 

The aim of performing these postures is to detour existing everyday situations into a new reality. In its limitless play of meaning and interpretative freedom, however, every posture in its execution is particular and distinctive. The postures are not about two women in different situations, but about the continuous process, the latency of the always unfinished business of becoming, searching, creating public moments of meaningful interaction.

The first edition of the project took place in 2013 at the Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik as part of the Month of Performance Art Berlin. For that project the artists released the postcard-series »Greetings from Omnitopia«. The second edition of the project took place the same same in the context of the LAB < Other Places, Formats and Practices in Performance > in Fortaleza, Brazil. For this edition the artists published the Cordelo (Booklet) »Aventuras e Andanças de Sara e Paloma« (The adventures and wanderings of Sara and Paloma).  

2013/ January - 2014/ March

Idea, Concept and Performance: Nathalie Fari (Paloma) and Paula Marie Hildebrandt (Sara) // Graphic Design Postcards: Johanna Balzer // Photography: A. R. Laub, Milena Kipfmüller // Video: Walmeri Ribeiro 

Press Notes: 

"Omnitopia enacts a structural and perceptual enclave whose apparently distinct locales (and locals) convey inhabitants to a singular place. For a growing number of people, it is like a wireless “cloud” that is accessible to some and invisible to others. The typical omnitopian may be the conventioneer who flows from international airport to atrium hotel to shopping mall to the restaurant without ever walking the streets. Moreover, as our archetypal omnitopian flows from convention to convention, she or he begins to view them as terminals to the same place." 

Wood, A. (2009). City Ubiquitous, Hampton Press