Conexões Estéticas

The main goal of this workshop was to support the development of the artistic and research projects of the participants and at the same time, to train them in performance. Most of them were students of different courses (film, theater, dance) with little or no experience in performing for an audience, nor in the public space. Therefore we spend an intensive week training the body awareness and forms of expression by exploring many rooms and areas of the University building.

Out of these spaces emerged many actions, mainly in little formations such as duos or trios, which were the basis for the discussion about the own and common understanding of performance. At the end of the week, these actions were bundled together and presented in a completely different context and location, in this case, at the "Estoril" in Fortaleza - an old building which was a famous casino at the beginning of the last century and afterwards a restaurant and meeting point for political discussions during the Brazilian military dictatorship. Since 2008 the Estoril is in a restoration process being used temporarily for cultural purposes. 

The "Conexões Estéticas“ was developed by the scholar Walmeri Ribeiro. 

Photos by Gustavo Sampaio 

2012/ August

Universidade Federal do Ceará, Fortaleza, BR  


Ana Cristina Mendes / Ana Carla / Ariel Ferreira / Daniel Pizamiglio / Diogo Braga / Emily Gama / Hylnara Vidal / Jander Teixeira / Lia Braga / Renan Pereira / Tarcisio Rocha / Thaís Bandeira / Tiago ...  

The 'Conexões Estéticas' program was created and coordinated by the scholar Walmeri Ribeiro.