Retrospective Space Strategies

Starting point of this workshop was one of the studio’s of the Space Strategies Master Program, especially a white wall. On this wall, which was marked with lines of black tape, we did several improvisations by focusing on the limitation of movement and as well on the materiality of the wall and it’s dimension to the body. Another part of the workshop was concentrated on the „performative walks“ which we did in the environment of the Space Strategies building - a neighborhood of Berlin that from it’s feeling and cityscape looks like a small town. 

Out of these experiences we developed the performance DIE PLATTE (The Panel) which dealt on one hand, with the symbol of a wooden plate and it’s reference to the so called „Plattenbau“ (the „Plattenbau“ is a building whose structure is constructed of large, prefabricated concrete slabs. It is considered to be the typical architecture of East Germany) and on the other, with the meaning of community. The main questions of this performance, which was presented on the last day of the retrospective, was how is it still possible to build a community in our busy days and as well, what it means to work in a collective way. 

2013/ April

Pauline Fauchart / Ulrike Flämig