The more the public space is open to everyone, the more it expresses the political and social democratization of a city.“ Jürgen Habermas

During three days the participants of the workshop, mostly drama and dance students, developed individual and collective actions. In the first two days, we worked at the Cultural Center "Fred Navarro“ exploring different body exercises and ways of elaborating scores and narrations. One of the main goals of the workshop was to create a short action for a specific site of the Cultural Center, which should be then adapted and presented at the last day in public space.

The chosen location for that was the "Parque da Represa Municipal“ - one of the biggest parks of the city which is located at the dam’s edge and where many people circulate. By finding an own spot for the realization of the actions, the participants had the opportunity to deepen their initial intention and to take part in a collective experience which led to some very intrigued moments. One of these moments happened during the action of the actor Flavio Amado, when he was standing on the ceiling of a bus stop telling the words: „ele olhava para mim e eu olhava para ele (he looked at me and I looked at him)“ in a very intimate way. This phrase caused after a while such an irritation that the driver left the bus to approach Flavio asking him, if he was feeling good and if he needed some „spiritual help or support“.   

Photos by Michaela Muchina 

2012/ July

Centro Cultural Fred Navarro, São José do Rio Preto / FIT theater festival, BR 


Airton Fernandes de Barros Junior / Alison Bernardes de Oliveira / Amarilis Aparecida de Oliveira Irani / Alcides Bernardi / Andercelly Tulani Pereira Pinto da Silva / Bruno Carvalho / Conrado Dess / Deraldo Ferreira Neto / Flavio Amado / Giselle Lavalle / Jason Cordeiro Marchesini / José Antonio Borges Silva / Matheus Leonel / Michele Louise Schiocchet / Murilo Gussi / Naires Roger dos Reis / Rubia Reame