Selection / collaborative performance and research projects::   


24.-25.09.17 - DIE ENTSETZTE LAGE - Cultural Exchange Program from Ponte Cultura e.V,- Exhibition TERRITORIEN, Auf AEG, Nürnberg, GE 

01.09-10.09.17 - second edition of the BODY MAPPING LAB (with Anja Schwannhäußer, Minja Mertanen, Oliver Euchner & Petterson Costa) - Teufelsberg Project Space, Berlin, GE 

21.04.17 - Participation at the project A Window and a Street by Grace Euna Kim at SOMA Art Gallery, Berlin, GE


03.09-10.09.16 - BODY MAPPING LAB: a performative expedition to the historical site Teufelsberg (with Rafael Dernbach & Petterson Costa) - Teufelsberg Project Space, Berlin, GE 

17.04.16 -  Participation at the project BODY INTERFACES: A Processual Scripting from the artist and curator Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen at Grüntaler 9, Berlin, GE  


12.-15.11.15 - DIE ENTSETZTE LAGE - PERFOR 6 Forum and Performance Festival organized by Associação Brasileira de Performance, São Paulo, BR 

03.05.15 - Denk'mal die Zukunft (with Michaela Muchina & Guests) - Premiere at MEIN BLAU e.V. in the context of the Month of Performance Art Berlin "MPA-B Anthology" Edition, Berlin, GE

03.05.15 - EMBODIED PLACES: Performance Practices in Public Space (with various artists and scholars) - Release of the catalogue in the context of the Month of Performance Art Berlin "MPA-B Anthology" Edition, MEIN BLAU e.V., Berlin, GE 

2014// - CURA (with Ana Cristina Mendes) - Cultural Exchange Program from Ponte Cultura e.V, Galerie La Verrière, Uzès, FR 

19.-20.08.14 - Wohnen mit Zukunft (with Catalina Fernandéz, Juliana Piquero & Michaela Muchina) - Premiere at DING DONG DOM, Holzmarkt, Berlin, GE 

12.-13.07.14 - h a l t e s t e l l e (with Michaela Muchina) - Festival STADT FÜR EINE NACHT, Schiffbauergasse, Potsdam, GE 

21.05.14 - Artistic Research Program Four Approaches: Performance Practices in Public Space (with Michaela Muchina & Paula Marie Hildebrandt), Holzmarkt, Month of Performance Art Berlin, GE 


14.-22.09.13 - EM ESPERA #2 (with Ana Cristina Mendes) - Cultural Exchange Program from Ponte Cultura e.V, Pinaceoteca de São Bernardo do Campo & São Bento do Sapucaí, Brasil 

24.08-02.09.13 - LAB < Other Places, Formats and Practices in Performance > (with Walmeri Ribeiro) - AGOSTO DAS ARTES Fortaleza, BR 

15.-28.05.13 - made in omnitopia (with Paula Marie Hildebrandt)- Performance-Series, Interventions and Public Event, Month of Performance Art Berlin & Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik (ZKU), Berlin, GE

10.-12.05.13 - sítios distantes (various artists) - Month of Performance Art Berlin & Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik (ZKU), Berlin, GE

24.04-26.04.13 - h a l t e s t e l l e (with Michaela Muchina) - FLAM Festival, Amsterdam, NL

15.04.13 - Public Housing (with Daniel Schäfer) - Werkschau Raumstrategien, Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin, GE 

05.01.-24.01.13 - (with Catalina Fernandéz, Juliana Piquero & Michaela Muchina) - Residency and Showing, One-Shot, Berlin, GE 


15.09.12 - EM ESPERA #1 (with Ana Cristina Mendes) - Cultural Exchange Program from Ponte Cultura e.V, AEG Factory, Nürnberg, GE

19.07-28.07.12 - Public Housing #2 (with Daniel Schäfer) - Galeria Virgílio, São Paulo, BR

10.07-14.07.12 - u m z i e h e n (with Michaela Muchina) - Festival Internacional de Teatro de São José do Rio Preto (FIT), São Paulo, BR

01.05-31.05.12 - ...RAUMTEILEN... (various artists) - Month of Performance Art Berlin, Berlin, GE

12.05.12 - verstilling #4 - Project Packet Soup at Savvy Contemporary, Berlin, GE  


04.12.11 - u m z i e h e n (with Michaela Muchina) - 15 Jahre Festival at ACUD, Berlin, GE

25.09.11 - u m z i e h e n - Performance Festival Motion 6 by Richard Rabensaat at Galerie Nord, Berlin, GE

30.08.11 - u m z i e h e n - Galerie Röckelmann &, Berlin, GE

24.06.11 - u m z i e h e n - MICA MOCA Projects, Berlin, GE

21.06.11 - verstilling #3 (with Bernhard Reiss) - MICA MOCA Projects, Berlin, GE

11.06.11 - u m z i e h e n - Leistungsschau, Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, Berlin, GE

14, 28.05.11 - Minimal Green (with Bettina Wagner, Catalina Fernandez & Juliana Piquero) - Schlossplatz, Month of Performance Art Berlin, GE

11.04.11 - u m z i e h e n - Performer Stammtisch, Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben, Berlin, GE

07.04.11 - Minimal Green - Haus der Kulturen der Welt, in the context of the Über Lebenskunst.Klub, Berlin, GE

21-26.03.11 - Public Housing #1 (with Daniel Schäfer) - Myra Vidal Art Show, Madrid, ES 

28.01.11 - u m z i e h e n - Marginale Festival, ACUD, Berlin, GE


16, 17.12.10 - verstilling #1 (with Bernhard Reiss) - Mostra Internacional de Vídeos Trampolim, Vitória, BR

12.11.10 - verstilling #2 (with Bernhard Reiss) - Studio Niculescu, Berlin, GE

11.08.10 - MEIN_RAUM (with Michaela Muchina) - Galeria Virgílio, São Paulo, BR

26.07.10 - MEIN_RAUM - Performance Art Festival VERBO, Galeria Vermelho, São Paulo, BR

26.06.10 - verstilling #1 (with Bernhard Reiss) - Residency, Hotel 25, Berlin, GE


01.12.09 - PLAY (with Ariane Vitale Cardoso, Thiago Bortolozzo) - Galerie Magnus Müller, Berlin, GE

25.11.09 - MEIN_RAUM (with Michaela Muchina) - former Galerie Maud Piquion, Berlin, GE

24.09.09 - MEIN_RAUM - Deslocamentos, Brazilian Embassy, Berlin, GE


22-24.10.08 - Heimat ist Saudade (with Maren Strack) - LOCALIZE- Heimatfestival, Potsdam, GE 

26.10.08 - Beach Crossing (with Klaus Treuheit)- Project WATER,  Ponte Cultura e.V, Nürnberg, GE 


22.07.07 - Pessoas (with Ricardo de Paula & Wagner Schwartz) - former Galerie Maud Piquion, Berlin, GE  

01.02.07. - Monads Mirror Bolas (with Diego Anante) - 100° Festival, Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin, GE


11.06.2006 - En-Caixar (with Eduardo Raccah)- Project "OFF COPA", Galerie Berlin am Meer, Berlin, GE 

From 1997 - 2005: please go under


Selection / workshops, residencies, symposia and conferences:: 


26.07-02.08.17 -  Participation at the Summer Symposium: Functions, Fissures and Failures: How artistic research can break and build societal strategies, Nordic Summer University (NSU), Riga, LVA 

14.-22-03.17 - Participation at the Residency "Casa Floresta" organized by Ponte Cultura e.V,, São Paulo, BR 


04.11.16 - Speaker at the conference URBAN APPROPRIATION STRATEGIES, University of Kassel, Germany, GE 

25.07-31.07.16 - Participation at the Summer Symposium Slow Spontaneity: How to integrate slow artistic-research into activities within society?, Nordic Summer University (NSU), Orivesi, FI 

17.03-20.03.16 - Participation at the Symposium How does artistic research transform society?, Nordic Summer University (NSU), Riga, LVA


09.12.15 - Speaker at the Forum for artistic research of the !FK Institute, Einart und Bert Bookstore, Berlin, GE 

05.-11.10.15 - Workshop Body Mapping #8 in the context of Diskurs 15 - Festival on Spatial Arts organized by students from the Institut für Angewandte Theaterwissenschaften (ATW) of the Justug Liebig University in Gießen, Germany 

20.-30.08.2015 - Participation at the Landscape Dialogues Summer Lab organized by Secret Hotel  in the Mols Bjerge, Denmark 


23.-25.09.14 - Workshop Body Mapping #7 in the context of the Cultural Exchange Program from Ponte Cultura e.V, Uzes, FR 

27.08-30.08.14 - Workshop Performance Practices in Public Space (with Janin Walter), Tatwerk, Berlin, GE

15.08.14- Workshop Body Mapping at the "Fachschaftstagung Kunst" organized by students from the Universität der Künste Berlin & Kunstakademie Düsseldorf at the Alte Feuerwache, Berlin, GE  

29.05.14 - Speaker at the Conference Learning and Teaching Performance Art in the context of the Month of Performance Art Berlin, GE

21.05.14 - Workshop Performance Practices in Public Space in the context of the Artistic Research Program from the Month of Performance Art Berlin, GE


12.09-13.09.13 - Workshop Body Mapping #6 at Pinacoteca de São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo, BR

05.08-13.08.13 - Workshop Dramaturgia em Performance (with Milena Kipfmüller) at Centro Cultural B_arco, São Paulo, BR

06.05-12.05.13 - Workshop Body Mapping #5 in the frame of the Month of Performance Art, Glogau-Air & Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, Berlin, GE

15.04-18.04.13 - Workshop Body Mapping #4 at the Werkschau Raumstrategien, Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin, GE 


20.08-25.08.12 - Workshop Body Mapping #3 in the context of the Project Conexões Estéticas at the Universidade Federal do Ceará (UFC), Fortaleza, BR

31.07-04.08.12 - Workshop Body Mapping #2 at Centro Cultural B_arco, São Paulo, BR 

12.07-14.07.12 - Workshop Body Mapping #1 at the Festival Internacional de Teatro de São José do Rio Preto (FIT), São Paulo, BR


02-06.10 - Workshop Body Mapping #0 - Centro Cultural B_arco, São Paulo, BR


25.08.08 - Workshop Auto-Retrato - Museu de Arte Moderna (MAM), São Paulo, BR

23.05-29.06.08 - Performance-Workshop-Series (with BBB Johannes Deimling, Ricardo de Paula) - K77 & Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin, GE