B_arco I

During one week we developed the installation-performance called Intervalos. Interrupções. Passos em Falso (Intervals. Interruptions. False Steps) based on the collection of our thoughts, images and references. As each participant came from a different artistic background (architecture, theatre and art), we spend some time finding common topics and creating a collaborative space. Therefore we divided the blue exhibition room in which we were working into three main fields: improvisation, embodiment and reading. In each of these fields, several exercises were performed by switching constantly the tasks between drawing and moving and as well, writing and holding a position for a long time.

At the last day of the workshop, we realized the installation-performance in a nearby place of B_arco. The choice of this uncommon place, which was a gap between a furniture shop and a small garden, was given according to the exercise of translating the actions that we have created in the inner space of B_arco to the outer space. 

Photos by Zé Pedro Russo

2010/ July

Centro Cultural B_arco, São Paulo, BR 


Arthur Moreau / Marta Matushita / Luísa Nóbrega / Felippe Tribuzzi / Mavi Veloso 



„I found your course very generous. These transpositions of body-word-image, the juxtaposition of physical procedures that generate contrasting states (something concentrated and organized to prepare something chaotic; coming close to exhaustion to prepare an action which is almost still) seem to be very rich. Thanks.“

Luísa Nóbrega