Wohnen mit Zukunft

"We are feelings and emotions and less concepts / We all want our space, but we decided to share it / We believe in the natural order of the things."

Inspired by the aesthetics and the narrative style of a silent film (especially 'One Week' from Buster Keaton), the artists create a physical and spatial language. This non-verbal language raises questions about the different forms of community housing, as well as yet not existing forms of cohabitation. Should we get used to the current living conditions in the city of Berlin? When and how does habitation end? What is left if habits are denied accommodation? 

In Wohnen mit Zukunft these questions serves as a basis for developing a multifunctional object in which the action takes place. Everyday actions such as sitting, waiting or cleaning are interpreted as scenic and choreographic, as rituals and rhythms. The performance unveils a story of two characters who moved in and come closer together only because of the catastrophe and the attempt of establishing a new ground. It is about the helplessness, being lost, about a recovery and a shared experience of perplexity, which moves toward an emptiness and absurdity. 

After a residency at One-Shot in 2013 and as well at TATWERK in 2014, Wohnen mit Zukunft was launched on the 19th and 20th of August in 2014 at the temporary theater- and performance space DING DONG DOM at Holzmarkt in Berlin (a cooperation between the performance collectiv Showcase Beat Le Mot, the architect Martin Kaltwasser and Hebbel am Ufer). The next part of the trilogy is in a developing process. 

2013/ January - August 2014

Idea, Concept: Nathalie Fari / Michaela Muchina / Juliana Piquero // Performance: Nathalie Fari / Juliana Piquero // Object and Costumes: Michaela Muchina // Light and Video: Catalina Fernández // Script Assistance: Tamara Saphir / Yvo Wagener // Photography: A. R. Laub 

Special Guests from the TALK: Janin Walter / Martin Kaltwasser // Moderated by Sandra Schaefer  

Press Notes: 

"Die beiden Performerinnen haben Bilder gezaubert, die sicherlich in jedem Zuschauer andere Assoziationen hervorgerufen haben. Ich musste unwillkürlich an dem Ingmar Bergmann Film "Szenen einer Ehe" denken: Nähe, Distanz, Streit und Versöhnung…" 

"The two performers have conjured images, which certainly raised other associations in each spectator. I had to involuntary think about Ingmar Bergman’s film „Scenes from a Marriage“: about closeness, distance, fight and reconciliation…" 

Erika Walter