sítios distantes

In the sítios distantes project, artists from different fields are invited to develop site-specific performances from a distance. The premises and public park of the Centre for Art and Urbanistics (ZKU) – an association founded by the KUNSTrePUBLIK e.V. collective in Berlin-Moabit – forms the ground for these performances. The location – a former goods station converted into s space for art residencies – is special for its positioning in the centre of industrial areas and brownfield land as well as for its separation from the mainstream Berlin art scene. 

In the sítios distantes interventions, the physical features of this location in particular are interwoven with fictitious and imaginary elements. It is not about describing or measuring the ZKU park comprehensively in all its complexity, but rather the park serves as the basis for developing a dramatic composition that is both personal and performative. How can you develop a relationship with a place without being present there? 

This project was developed especifically for the third edition of the Month of Performance Art Berlin with the focus of creating a cultural exchange with the Brazilian artists. 

2013/ May

Idea, Concept: Nathalie Fari // Interventions: Anna Semenova, Johanna Barnbeck, Lucio Agra & Grasiele Sousa, Morgane Wadbled, Michaela Muchina,  Maicyra Leão, Rose Akras & Rob Visser, Walmeri Ribeiro // Video: Cris Wiegandt 

Special Guests from the TALK: Ilya Noé and Andy Houston