Minimal Green

Since years, anthropologists have emphasized that the root of the ecological crisis is to be found in our perception of the world and a human being. A decisive change of culture is only possible by changing ourselves. Through our performance, we would like to encourage this move, in creating a common social network. Sensed truthfulness and intuitive evaluation of life are our foundation. (Bettina Wagner and Nathalie Fari) 

In Minimal Green the green field at Schlossplatz in Berlin-Mitte is the foundation for the development of an installation-performance about the relationship between man and nature, or his connection (or disconnection) to the ground. Here this relationship is conveyed to spectators using both metaphorical and play-based actions with observers watching the performers execute different gestures in a "mobile square" over an unlimited period of time. One performer has a spade in the hand, the other acts with a bucket, while a third performer uses movement to portray a watering can. A musician provides instrumental accompaniment throughout the entire performance. 

All of these actions are not just aimed at an extraordinary and metaphorical view of the ground (and the chosen site). Minimal Green targets to create a poetic and „green“ image of an urban space that alters the perception of the spectators (and that of the passers-by) in a subliminal way.

The development of the project had many stages: the first was a showing at the ÜBERLEBENKUNST Club and project at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt. The second, was the performance at the Schlossplatz (which today is in construction) in the context of the Month of Performance Art Berlin, while the third was the production of a video based on an open rehearsal that happened in Brandenburg. 

2011/ Jan- July

Idea, Concept: Bettina Wagner / Nathalie Fari // Performance: Bettina Wagner / Juliana Piquero / Nathalie Fari // Music: Thomas Pertzel / Jan Tilman Schade // Video: Catalina Fernández // Photography: A. R. Laub