Starting point for the development of the performance PLAY was the installation „Club“ and the paintings „Toboáguas“ from Thiago Bortolozzo exhibited at the  Magnus Müller gallery in Berlin. For this location Thiago created an amusement park out of slides, a wooden „Deck“ and a swimming pool suggesting a reality and possibility to interact, not just for the artists, but as well for the spectator as well. 


(Installation) wood, nails, inside height 0,50m x width 1,50m, lengths 10m, external 0,60 x 1,00 x 10m, swimming pool, (paintings) toboágua verde (2005) and toboágua vermelho (2003). 

2009/ December

Idea and Performance: Nathalie Fari / Thiago Bortolozzo // Installation: Thiago Bortolozzo // Costumes: Ariane Vitale Cardoso 

Press Notes: 

"Brazilian-born Nathalie Fari is one of the few artists whose work consists mainly of creating site specific performances. Her pictorial and atmospheric actions take place in diverse environments such as the white cube, niches, apartments and shop windows. Her simple and quiet movements aim to counteract the increasing abundance of attractions and possibilities in contemporary society and thereby open space for new thoughts. This approach is related to Thiago Bortolozzo’s paintings of empty amusement parks, which employ a reduced and abstract visual language. Through this performative action (which Nathalie Fari develops and realizes in collaboration with Thiago Bortolozzo at the Magnus Muller gallery) the implied humor in the water slides and the swimming pool, become substantial. In addition, the two artists pick up the relationship between inner and outer space realized in Bortolozzo’s wooden installation. Whilst Fari creates her performative action besides, on and under the installation, Bortolozzos doubles and expands the artist’s movements outside the gallery. Through these strategies, the elements of transition, emptiness and duplication, such as indicated in Bortolozzo’s work, are altered, reconstructed and reinterpreted through the performative event."

Constanze Corb/ Magnus Müller, 01.12.2009