In the collaborative project «Pessoas» the performers use dance and video to enable the spectators to see themselves as part of the performance and to introduce their own experiences into it. 

In three independent spaces of the former Anyway gallery the performers deal with the meaning of the public and private spheres: in the first space at the gallery window, Nathalie Fari reads some texts of Rudolf Laban’s “space studies”. In the second space Ricardo de Paula sleeps in a bathtub, which also serves as frame for a video with interviews made with an artist, a cultural manager and an architect. In the third space Wagner Schwartz lies naked on a couch communicating face-to-face with the spectators. 

2007/ Jan - July

Idea, Concept and Performance: Nathalie Fari / Ricardo de Paula / Wagner Schwartz // Video: Wagner Schwartz 

Press Notes: 

The ongoing repositioning of our intercultural concerns in the Berlin scenario is the central theme of the project «Pessoas». More then just a theme, it is a place for an encounter where the dialog happens from one to one: from space to space, from person to person.  

Therefore we produced a video with interviews, which deal with this topic and with the implications of the private and public space. The first interview was made with the Brazilian artist Alex Flemming, the second with the coffee-shop owner Martin Reimann and the third with the architect and professor Rainer Ernst. There are three different positions, which invite the audience for a personal dialogue. 

It is this form of dialogue in which we intend to re-invent the space as a „cartography": not just by touching our own biography, but also by questioning the issues related to a constant movement between Brazil and Berlin.“ 

Nathalie Fari, Ricardo de Paula and Wagner Schwartz / Berlin 2007