LAB <Other Places, Formats in Practices in Performance>

The LAB < Other Places, Formats and Practices in Performance > was a 9 day meeting with six Brazilian and German artists/researchers from different backgrounds to reflect on the topics: collaboration x collectivity, performance x performativity, public space x private space. These topics served as a basis for the experiences, creations and discussions led by the invited artists. They also developed activities for the public such as lectures, a workshop and a final presentation. 

The main focus of this laboratory was the debate around the notions of how we perceive, think and construct the places starting from the relation between a body and space and specifically between a body and a city. In the scope of nine days we moved trough the city of Fortaleza to observe the codes, rhythms and rituals of its public space and people. Trough this project we tried to answer the questions: What are the possibilities for sensitizing the people in respect to their city and its environment? How can we create other perspectives and forms of interaction in the public space? What is the „place“ of an artist in this urban context? 

These questions were explored trough the media of performance using the body and its senses as basis for investigating, mapping and reframing the city. It is with this thinking, sensitive and at the same time „public-body“, that we aimed to present another geography, not just from Fortaleza, but also from the personal places which can be imaginary or not.  

The LAB < Other Places, Formats and Practices in Performance > was developed in 2013 by the „Laboratório de Poéticas Cênicas e Audiovisuais“ (LPCAICA) of the University of Fortaleza coordinated by the professor Walmeri Ribeiro and Nathalie Fari. It was sponsored by the national bank CCBNB and presented at the art event AGOSTO DAS ARTES in Fortaleza. Additionally the LAB was part of the official program of the "Year of Germany in Brazil". 

In 2014 Nathalie Fari also created a public event as part of the artistic research program of the Month of Performance Art Berlin, where she and Paula Marie Hildebrandt presented the results of the performances „Reenactment da Dentista do cocó“ (Reenactment from the cocó dentist) and „Uma outra última céia" (Another Last Supper). 

2013/ August

Idea, Concept: Nathalie Fari / Walmeri Ribeiro // Invited artists/researchers: Milena Kipfmüller (musician and theater- producer and maker) / Paula Marie Hildebrandt (political scientist, scholar and photographer) from Germany / Pablo Assunção (performer, scholar and video-maker) / Solon Ribeiro (visual artist and photographer) from Brazil // Photography: Fabio José 

Press Notes: 

„I confess that my position was to follow the propositions of the artists who put me there, in fact in a position of spectator. During the performance, I drank from the open coconut, nicely offered by Paula; I brushed my teeth until all of the bacterial plaque disappeared as Nathalie suggested; I pied properly in the bathroom where the installation of Pablo took place; I listened and dances to the street sounds captured by Milena and I weighed myself on the scale at Walmeri’s installation. I was adopted by the works. But this feeling wasn't just a passive act, where I only received the performance. I was thinking about the poetics of the artists that led to this project: which paths were made, which images were seen and what came out of all this? 

There was an unspoken agreement between the artist as a proposer and the participant as a spectator. Some participants were more closed with their own program of time, with a beginning, a middle and an end, while others were more open to the performance acts, various gestures, collaboration and chance. It was this agreement or about experiencing and living this agreement that I felt the most. And that was not only by experiencing the works. It also came trough thinking about the poetry and the aesthetics of the works. This implicit agreement meant to be able to read signs and symbols.“ 

Emerson Cunha/ BLOG Laboratório de Performance, 31.08.2013