B_arco III

For this workshop Nathalie Fari invited the theater- maker and producer Milena Kipfmüller to design an intensive program based on the research and creation of dramaturgy, especially in the frame of the „post-dramatic theater“. Below follows the texts from the program of the group performance, which was presented on the last day at B_arco:

„The results of the workshop Dramaturgy in Performance originates from the idea of using the public space of the city of São Paulo and as well, the physical experiences made in B_arco, as starting point for developing a collaborative performance. The main focus of this performance relies on the creation of a personal and collective map by practicing and discussing about the different forms of dramatic compositions. Using body work, performative ateliers, walks in specific areas of the city (mainly in the neighborhood of B_arco and in the old center) and readings of texts as basis, we elaborated in the course of nine days a script and group action, around the notions of how we perceive and imagine the city.“ // Milena Kipfmüller and Nathalie Fari 

„Could we define what we are doing here in a single word? My immediate answer would be NO; but if we would think about releasing the words of a text? So then we would have to overcome the lines of a paper by releasing the bodies as letters in the space. And we have done so, we created bonds, we connected word by word, we spread boarders. For a moment there will be neither body nor city! But there will be simultaneity…, There will be „Corporicidade“ (the body and the city in one)! // Caroline D‘Avila, 25, psychologist 

What can we do in the public space? How do we define what belongs to the private sphere? If every house has windows and doors, then that means that every private space has a gap to the „outside“. The boarders are mobile, flexible and invisible. We pose more questions then answers: Where is my, your and our place?.“ // Daniela Blanco, 28, researcher 

I don’t know where we came from, but here we are, you and me. What time is this for you? We did and we will choose paths before and after here. But could we build anything here? Or did that what is out there, not leave you? If something disconcerting happens, does this takes you out from you or from where you are? What is left are perhaps traces mixed inside and outside. // Janaína Carrer, 28, actress

You can do anything, anywhere. You can do anything, everywhere. You can do everything, anywhere. You can do everything, everywhere. Exploring the limits and possibilities of urban spaces, of social spaces, of the body, the banal, the routine and of the conventions - and how can we not just build and maintain, but also abuse and break these predetermined limits. // Julia Mcgill, 21, theater and urbanism student 

In this performance we let the reality of the city invade our creation, changing our relationship with the people and the urban devices. Even being many times completely absent of any interaction, we could transform ourselves a little bit more and return to inhabit the city. // Flavio Barollo, 35, performer 

Limits. What are they? What defines normal behavior and norms within a city? This performance answers these questions with one word: Perception. By incorporating São Paulo‘s busy pace and rhythm we as a whole pushed boundaries. We became the city rather then a pedestrian walking by. // Maria Leonor Brazão, 19, theater student 

Looking trough different angles by letting the most subtle sensations emerge. What does it mean to be alive in the middle of the city? To perceive the other. His relations and our relations. Interferences and delimitations. The affection that I can give you without asking. The affection lost on the sidewalk. The fear that causes me prison. Someone to resolve my problem. The time passes. Is there a hooter playing? Please close the door so that I can sleep. // Lu Bollina, 28, actress

The proposition of the performance gleams in the exploration of urban space. To see the time by listening to the city. A proposition that allows the investigation of a sound landscape, emphasizing the perception of the body in the space in internal and external ambients. All the elements are important. // Luciene Lamano, 46, artist 

It’s time. Go this way. Afterwards go there. Go. You can go straight, you can go barefoot or even without shoes. Slowly. Fast. Grey. In the rhythm you like. Go this way, the cure, the body, the performance, the city. // Maria Claudia Mesquita, 41, actress

Photos by Melissa Haidar 

2013/ August

Centro Cultural B_arco, São Paulo, BR 


Caroline D‘Avila / Daniela Blanco / Janaína Carrer / Julia Mcgill / Flavio Barollo / Lu Bollina / Luciene Lamano / Maria Claudia Mesquita / Maria Leonor Brazão