Artistic Research: Four Approaches III/IV

The fundamental challenge is the kind of search when you don’t know what you are looking for but will recognize it when you find it." David Stark 

This one-day program was developed in collaboration with the scholar Paula Marie Hildebrandt and the stage designer Michaela Muchina (with whom Nathalie Fari has realized several performance projects) to investigate the current practices and various formats of site specific performances. 

The main goal of the first part of the program, was to explore the area of the house-building community „Holzmarkt“ and it’s surroundings by using the own body as material. At the core of this physical exploration, was the creation of different forms of narration by enabling moments of intensity and interaction within the group and as well, with the passerby's. One of these intensive moments occurred during the action of Nora Anis, when each of the participants had to choose a person from the environment of Holzmarkt, to be baptized by her as „new human being“. This simple, but hilarious action generated an intensive communication process giving the participants the feeling, as if they were part of a bigger community and perhaps even a mission. 

The second part of the program, consisted of a public presentation by Nathalie Fari and Paula Marie Hildebrandt, where they used their performances „Reenactment da dentista do cocó“ (Reenactment from the Cocó Dentist) and „Uma outra última céia" (Another Last Supper) as examples to discuss about the results and effects of a performance research practice based on the public space - these performances were realized in 2013 at the final presentation from the Lab < Other Places, Formats and Practices in Performance > 

Photos by Ilya Noé, Michaela Muchina & Maxim Paul 

2014/ May

Holzmarkt E.G, Berlin, GE 


Anna Semenova / Anna Júlia Amaral / Camilla Graff Junior / Henrique Saidel / Luise Greenfield / Nora Anis / Pauline Fauchart / Sofia Ugocinni / Ulrike Flämig / Yola Melanie Fischer