During five days we worked on the creation of actions by exploring on the one hand, the studio for performing arts ‚Tatwerk‘ and on the other, by making excursions to the „Hermannplatz“. This busy square is situated in the neighbourhood of Neukölln, where traditionally many immigrants from Turkey and Africa used to live, and which is presently very popular among young hipsters.

On the last day of the workshop which had the architect and scholar Janin Walter as special guest and adviser, we did another excursion to a even more busy square, in this case the,  the „Alexanderplatz" - a touristic- and meeting point for all sorts of people and by now one of the most important commercial areas in Berlin. Here we performed our final actions by using the audio-letter (an acoustic dramaturgy) of Yvo Wagener as a starting point. She created this audio-letter from our common theme „with joy“ with the intention to hide in there some little tasks and suggestions. Here the transcription of it: 

"Dear „with joy“ performer, dear Tatjana, dear Rosalin, dear Olivia, dear Olivia. Although you can’t see me today, allow me to stumble into your thoughts.  As I like to talk a lot, as you well know, I decided to leave you my voice. Now I leave you reenactments, re-thoughts, re-wishes or something new. Here is a thought that I want to give you. It came to my mind, when I was thinking about you. 

Dear Tatjana, „with joy“ I remember the steps we took together during the past few days. What was the first sentence that you said today? To whom did you say it? Try saying it to others for one’s. Reset your day to zero, to the beginning, every morning. And then look what happens and stay with the sentence that you like the most. 

Dear Olivia, „with joy“ I see you today dancing across the Alexanderplatz in front of my inner eye. We all invent our stories ourselves, don’t we? In which language doesn’t matter. Misunderstandings are part of it. In German there is a nice expression: „Wie das Amen in der Kirche“ (as sure as eggs is eggs). Language influences thinking. Thinking is language. Translating is arduous. Forget about the differences, we all have things in common. A path, a rhythm, a thought. How much would I like to find this common thing with you. But where you are right now, there is so much to discover. Run, run away. 

Dear Rosalin, „with joy“ I think about your Hermannplatz- story. So many blossoms, tiny and precious, that you might pick up today. Sometimes I wake up and think about the things that I have never done before and try to do them the same day. Seldom I succeed. Can you help me? „With joy“ I wish that you do something that you have never done before. And maybe you could convince and infect others to do the same. Who knows at the end it might even arrive at my place at the other end of Berlin. 

Dear Nathalie, „with joy“ I would love to be a little mouse which is observing you today. I wouldn’t tell the truth if I said that I hadn’t done it in the past few days sometimes. Borders move rapidly. Everybody plays, some quiet, some loud, some hidden, some abstract and some do it concrete sometimes. But everybody needs one’s in a while an energy refill station. I seem to remember having seen one at the Alexanderplatz. 

I will leave you playing alone for today and I remain „with joy“ and I’m eager to see you again soon." 

Photos by Nathalie Fari 


Tatwerk, Berlin, GE 


Olivia Reynolds / Rosalin Hetrich / Tatjana Fell / Yvo Wagener