Denk’mal die Zukunft

In Denk’mal die Zukunft a sort of 'city game' is developed in which the artists relate to the architectural and social power relations, as well as the future visions of the city of Berlin. Therefore they create a wandering and vertical sculpture in the space, which describes in a non-verbal and associative way, the different situations and moods of a person, i.e. Homo Ludens who's attempting to appropriate and perpetrate his own city. Starting point of this 'city inspection' is a script based on passages of the book Replay City: improvisation as an urban practice by Christopher Dell, especially on the concepts: SETTLEMENT - STOP - BOW - GAP - STANDPOINT - DES-ROUTINE - TURN - OPEN SPACE - ADOPTION. 

With these spatial concepts a performative action is developed, which not only represents a possible reaction to the gentrification process of Berlin, but also a pleading for another and playful acquaintance with the own city.   

Denk'mal die Zukunft was launched in the context of the last edition of the Month of Performance Art Berlin 'MPA-B Anthology' at the project space MEIN BLAU e.V. on the 03th of may of 2015 in Berlin. 

2015/ May

Idea, Concept: Nathalie Fari / Michaela Muchina / Yvo Wagener // Performance: Nathalie Fari // Object and Costumes: Michaela Muchina // Live Music: Felix Astor // Live Documentation and Photo Credits: A.R. Laub