Device for this year

"Doing less also speaks of a specific attitude on the part of the artist worker, who needs to withstand the cretive speculations about his or her life in order to open up the temporal materiality of his or her own work. In this way, the artist's work yields to life, not in the sense of breaking the boundaries between life and artistic activity but always in the sense of placing its activity as the aunonoums difference of a lesser act: it is enabling life trough doing less. In this sense, doing less can be understood as an exceptionally important affective shift that can significantly influence the rhytmic and flexible atmospheres of contemporary artistic life and open up new ways of solidarity. (...) DO LESS, PRECISELY WHEN CONFRONTED WITH THE DEMAND TO DO MORE." 

Bojana Kunst, Artist At Work; Proximity of Art and Capitalism, Zero Books, UK, 2015 



Tuesday, January 19, 2016 - 11:30