DIE ENTSETZTE LAGE (the unsettled situation)

A serial performance project about the different notions and connotations of being a migrant or methyphorically speaking, of being "rootless". 

Body Mapping Lab / Teufelsberg


The Body Mapping Lab is a long-term practice based research program focused on the notions of embodiment, site specificity and performativity.  



Embodied Places

Embodied Places: Performance Practices in Public Space showcases the works that atelier obra viva has produced in collaboration with artists and scholars from different fields for past editions of the Month of Performance Art–Berlin (2011-2014). 

Denk’mal die Zukunft

Denk’mal die Zukunft is an excerpt of the second part of the trilogy PORTABLE SILENT PIECES. 

LAB <Other Places, Formats in Practices in Performance>

The LAB < Other Places, Formats and Practices in Performance > revolves around the topics: collaboration x collectivity, performance x performativity, public space x private space by positioning the city of Fortaleza as a starting point.  

made in omnitopia

made in omnitopia is an inquiry into the nature of terminal public spaces enacted by performance – with or without words. 


sítios distantes

sitios distantes creates site related interventions in which the physical features of a public park are interwoven with fictitious and imaginary elements. 

Wohnen mit Zukunft

Wohnen mit Zukunft is the first part of the trilogy PORTABLE SILENT PIECES dedicated to the relationship between performance and architecture.  


EM ESPERA explores the notion of "waiting places" in the public space of the cities of Berlin and Nürnberg in Germany and São Paulo and Fortaleza in Brazil.    

h a l t e s t e l l e

The h a l t e s t e l l e develops site and time related viewpoints on urban green fields. 


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