Minimal Green

Minimal Green Matters of Course. An installation-performance dedicated to the inseparable connection with the ground.

Public Housing

Public Housing investigates the public spaces of today's big cities in order to find 'protective spaces' or metaphorically speaking 'temporary homes'. 

u m z i e h e n

u m z i e h e n deals with the topic of today’s migration processes by creating a foldable and mobile object where the body tries to find a "home" en route.


Verstilling takes a critical look at today‘s informational and sensual overflow. People are increasingly being driven beyond their limits without being offered any shelter. Verstilling creates such a temporary „place of refuge“ where each person can look back over time.


Verstilling: Public Space

In Verstilling Public Space the idea of deceleration is seen as an artistic strategy for alerting people to the way they perceive their environment. 


PLAY conceives an installation-performance as amusement park.


MEIN_RAUM is an installation-performance, which describes in in a visual, non-linear and associative way, the routes and detours of a person who left their place of origin and is trying to adapt to a new reality – when and where a place is "my place" and "my place" is my own life?

Heimat ist Saudade

"Heimat ist Saudade" is a site-specific lecture performance where the performer embodies the spirit of the deceased grandpa who is searching for his old hometown. 



Pessoas proposes a public and private dialogue that happens from one to one: from space to space, from person to person.



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